Ultimate Alliance Campaign

Ultimate Alliance Campaign
Ultimate Alliance Campaign


This event takes place every two weeks (exceptions for special events) and five days before the start, the Alliance Alliance Leader can register the alliance for participation in the Eventcenter.

An alliance can only be registered if it is in the top 10 of its kingdom and has at least 30 active members in the last 7 days.


From all participants, your alliance will be matched with alliances from other kingdoms that are similar in strength. In total, 7 alliances, including your alliance, participate in the campaign.


When the event starts, you can teleport to any of the rival alliances kingdoms and the kingdom teleports in this competition are free. You will automatically teleport to a location as close as possible to the enemy fortress.

You need a advanced teleport or 2000 gold to move within the opposing kingdom.

When you're done in a kingdom, you can port home (by choosing Home in the UI). When your space is available, you will teleport back to the place you came from, otherwise it will be a place as close as possible to it.

You can only attack the participating alliances from that kingdom no other alliances. That offers opportunities for tactics. For example, players from Farm or Construction alliances can set up camps in their own hive to prevent the opposing player from porting to this point. The camp can not be attacked by alliances from the campaign that are not home to this kingdom.

All troops lost during combat will end up in the Kingdom Hospital, including troops lost in attacking or defending alliance buildings.

Troops in the Kingdom Hospital can be healed without using resources. Only a reduced time is needed to wait for troops to heal. With gold, the healing can be completed immediately.

You can not plunder resources so your resources are safe too.

From the UAC interface (via the icon on the left side of your city view), you can select an alliance, click location, and pay 1000 gold to track enemies on the Kingdom map.

You can only defend or plunder one Alliance building at a time (though it may seem possible to take part in a rally to retake one of your looted Alliance buildings, and if you succeed, your troops will effectively stay behind to guard the building so you treasure in two guarding different buildings).


At the start of the event, the Fortress, Alliance Towers, and Strategic Center of all participating alliances will be filled with

a set ammount of ore that will serve as treasure.

Each of the buildings with treasure has a new menu called "Treasure". You must use these new menu items to loot and defend treasures. When troops guard a building in the conventional way, that does not prevent the treasure from being looted.

Any treasure looted by you in another kingdom will automatically be added to your own alliance buildings.

Alliance Building Buffs

If you click Details in the treasure menu, you'll see which boosts apply to the defending and pillaging alliances. These are determined by how much the treasure is above or below the original capacity. These combat boosts are only for attack, defense, and health (no damage or damage received), but they will be huge. This means that defending alliances is relatively easy to defend buildings that have plundered a lot of treasure, and relatively difficult for buildings that contain a large amount of treasure. For attackers, the opposite is the case.

The less the treasure in a building, the higher the looting speed, and the higher it is if there is an overcapacity.

Defend the tower Defend the tower


The goal is to get as many alliance points as possible during the alliance campaign. In the event, every minute, the amount of treasure each Alliance has will result in points (the amount of the Treasury Dividend of 10,000) for the Alliance. The ultimate goal is to have the most points, which means the biggest treasure during the event.

The Alliance will receive rewards based on the Leaderboard that can be distributed by the Alliance Leader to each player (and emailed to them). The Alliance rewards are the same for ranks 2 and 3 and ranks 4 to 7. There are also individual rewards, each based on the Alliance Leaderboard (Glory Banner, Refining Stone (II) and 60 min. Acceleration, Gold). receives depending on the Alliance rank.

UAC Rewards UAC Rewards

Individual points and rewards

These individual points are different from the ranking points for the Alliance, the individual points are earned by defending and plundering treasures. You get more points when you plunder or defend a building with more treasure, and the points are also divided by the number of attacking or defending players. So, if you plunder or defend the treasure alone in a treasured building, you'll get the most points. The points are also awarded for 60 seconds each.

Players can receive rewards when they reach certain points. These points are different from the ranking points for the Alliance, and each point is earned by defending and looting treasures. These milestones can be seen through the UAC interface in the event center and premiums collected. At the top left is a Campaign Reward button. These rewards include 10 aristocrat badges, 100 crafting tools, 270 glory banners, and more.

Important tip for damage and damage reduction boosts

Attack, Defense, and Health Boosts are reimbursed in the Alliance Buildings when your treasure is low, but not Damage, Damage Received, and Damage Reduction. Concentrate on your research just for the Ultimate Alliance campaign, because here you can make up a few percent more.


The alliance campaign is actually quite good for "playing". By having no direct casualties and being able to heal all troops for free, this event is also suitable for testing its own stats and skills. Play with the values, try to develop some tactics and strategies for the fight and defend your buildings. The defense has top priority. If that does not work, then it does not do anything to plunder treasures in other kingdoms.

When the buildings in a kingdom are crammed with troops, the castles try to disassemble them to lure them out. That worked quite well on our last campaigns. Single marches can be broken up well.