Update 3.0.0 is there

Update 3.0
Update 3.0

Then you look forward to the new update and what happens ... lost connection, error, fehler, %$#*ing ...*beep*.

Joking aside. Whoever wanted to play this morning had some problems, which were gone after a few hours.

The new update brings some massive changes. Let's take a look at the system message from Guns of Glory:

System Mail Update 3.0

Aha. Interesting. Short a look in the purse will be .... crap.

The set of the master has come into play again and replaces the Sun King equipment as the strongest armor in the game.

To buy all the equipment directly through real money, you have to dig deep into your pocket.

Experienced players and math geniuses have already calculated an amount of about 3000 EUR.

Alone 1000 EUR only for the master ingots.

Ingots of the master ???

YES. There are no more fragments. Also no more design fragments in rewards, which you have received every now and then in battles against beasts.

For example, if you've fought against Level 35 Vampire Queen, you could usually enjoy a Design Fragment Level 5 item.

That was once. From now on ingots have to be collected. In our GoGpedia you will find an explanation of the ingots and how to get them.

Any existing fragments or designs have been moved from the forge to your inventory. Here you can exchange them for ingots.

Simple ingots are currently only available by killing beasts. All other ingots must obviously be bought...

The forge also got a new coat of paint. The equipment has now been divided into Combat & Economy. So you have provided for a little more overview.

New Forge

The new listing is very pleasant. One sees directly, what one can develop and for which equipment still material is needed.

This saves a few clicks. What do you all mean?

Conclusion about the equipment: Money Money Money

Apparently, some players have reached the Sun King equipment again and the players who invest less money, are slowly back. Then it was time for a new source of income :)

Is working. The official Guns of Glory Facebook group has already found someone with the new armor who proudly presented it. Insane.

But there were other changes.

Almost forgotten. The new alliance event starts with version 3.0.0. The so-called blood wars. What exactly this event is about we will announce at the appropriate time. Unfortunately, it is apparently only available to a few kingdoms and will later be possible for all other kingdoms. We stay on the ball.

The Royal Expeditions have received an addition. The equipment expedition has been extended by paths 19 + 20.

Now it goes up to level 160. No other expedition has so many levels so far.

Also added was a new Lord profile picture in Japanese style. It is even animated.

The new loading screen is also new and animated. Too bad that no animated emojis (short: Gifs) have found their way into the game. That would have been a great thing for Kingdom Chat.

And what I like very much is the new interface of the store. Store? The thing where you can buy packages for little or a lot of money.

It has finally managed to divide the packages into categories. Personally, it always bothered me that I almost had to scroll down to the silver package. That too is history now. If I would rate the update, then the new store interface is the best change!!!

Let's get to the optimizations.

A new reward system for the Red Guard raid is supposed to exist now.

I've looked closer. The Alliance Points rewards have been adjusted to the new update. ingots, steel and material have been changed. Unfortunately, there are no master's ingots on offer, not even 20 points rewards.

For example, in Reward Stage 10, each member of the Alliance can enjoy over 740,000 Steel, 21 Ingots of the Sun King, and 98 Rare Chest Fragments.

You can see the overview of the rewards through the event center at the Red Guard Raid.

Almost as good as the new store interface is the change of the big speaker. You can now switch it off for yourself. Then you never see the whole kings, who want to communicate something (usually meaningless) to every player in the game for every 2,000 gold. The players have successfully campaigned for it!

Another change in the rewards. Curiosities are not that easy anymore. They were removed from the Musketeer, New World, Night Siege, and Ultimate Alliance Campaign fortress. Instead, there are now more recruitment banners. If you want to upgrade your curiosities now, you probably have to grab your purse more often.

On top of that. Also with the smuggler and the subscription the rewards were adjusted.

Finally, something unpleasant for many players. The gem and airship parts rewards in the Shooting Gallery have been adjusted. THIS has the effect that the previous progress has been reset for the players who were not finished in these two areas. All other areas in the shooting gallery were unaffected.

Well. Now we are just waiting for the first impressions of the new event and then it was already with the update. How do you like it? Write us in the comments!