Hero Hall

Hero Hall
The Hero Hall of your alliance

The Hero Hall allows you to raise rewards, take part in Alliance celebrations, gain heroic achievements, gain heroic stature, unlock rare Alliance banners, and fight heroic stats leaderboards.

The building is divided into 5 areas. Quite a lot, what the part can do. Let's take apart the individual areas.

Bountys Collect bountys and get rare items

Let's start with the Personal Bounties. Here you can use hero coins to raise rewards in the hall. The owners can choose the rewards they will receive after successful completion. When someone raises bonuses, alliance members have limited time to donate bonus packages to bring the reward to a successful conclusion. You will receive in exchange for heroes coins and if successful also an individual reward. The alliance also receives hero jewels and -stature.
Should it not be possible to raise the bounty within the specified time, the person will not receive everything, but only a part who started the action. Donors receive their hero coins anyway and are spared the effects.

Alliance Party Alliance Party

The Alliance celebration is comparable to the daily challenges that every player can fulfill. The celebration, however, is about the weekly Alliance challenges. All members have within a week time to complete the goals by collecting points. It is effective to regularly attack Guardian Camps. Each participant gets 200 points. To earn 200 points by collecting food, you have to collect 400K of food. These are just examples. You can read the detailed list by clicking on 'Alliance Celebration'.

Hero Achievements Hero Achievements

Hero Achievements are calculated from the achievements achieved within your Alliance. For example, there are 450,000 troops lost in the picture. These are calculated from all members. When the number is reached, the Alliance receives hero jewels and stature. Members receive hero coins and bonus packages.

Hero Shop Into the Hero Shop, you can buy some good stuff

Finally, there is the hero shop. This is the place where you can spend your hero coins if you do not want to raise any bonuses with them. The hero shop has a similar structure to the Allianz shop. R4 and R5 can choose from fixed items that can be purchased for alliance members. This will cost the Alliance hero jewels.
If a player of the Alliance likes to buy this item, he or she will cost the Hero Coins. The gemstone fragments for the Stones of Hope are in demand. However, these can not be produced until about 4 weeks after the start of a kingdom, because they are special stones.

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