Red Guard Raid

What is the Red Guard Raid?

This is a regular event that takes place every 2 weeks. Every Tuesday and Thursday in a row. The Red Guard Raid serves as compensation for Gold event, which also takes place in every second week in exchange for Red Guard Attack.

The event does not start automatically, it´s started manually by an Allianz member. The member must have at least the rank R4.

The purpose is to survive the attack by the Red Guards, at best every 20 waves. Starting with wave 1, where the guards are still very weak, the level of difficulty will increase with each wave. After overcome wave 20, the event is finished.

At 0000 UTC., i.e. after the event has ended, you can check your personal points and those of your own alliance. The ranks will not change from this moment. The rewards are automatically distributed to the participating players over during the following day.


As already mentioned, an alliance member can start this event if he has at least rank R4. The event should be announced in advance within the alliance and promoted for activity. It is best to set a time at which you want to start the event as an alliance.

Sobald die Allianz das Event aktiviert hat beginnt der Kampf gegen die ankommenden Wächter. Im Eventcenter könnt ihr das Event verfolgen. Auch findet ihr dort einen Countdown, wann die nächste Welle auf euch zukommt.

As soon as the alliance has activated the event, the battle against the incoming guards begins. You can follow the event in the event center. You will also find a countdown when the next wave is coming. Very important are the so-called special waves. This applies wave 7, 10, 14, 17 and 20. These attacks are tough. Wave 10 and 20 are directed against your alliance Fortress. There will be a massive and numerical attack. At wave 20, there are approximately 1.3 million high-level troops.

The other waves mentioned are also high-level attacks. But not every alliance member will get these attacks. These waves of Guardian raids hit randomly selected players, who then have to be massively reinforced by other Alliance members who get away with the waves without attacking their own castle.

In conclusion, the Guardian raid takes time. 2 hours are not uncommon. You should take this into account if you want to be actively involved in the whole time. Therefore a charger within reach might be a good idea :)

But why all this?

Like everything in Guns of Glory, the goal of the Red Guardian raid will be to score as many points as possible. The more points, the further the Alliance and yourself will climb up the ranking. The higher up you have made it, the greater the rewards will be.

You get points by killing guards. Isn't it easy? Survive as many waves as possible. To get more points, you'll need to reinforce other players in your alliance. At that moment not only the player gets points, but you as well. The points are divided according to which player has contributed more to the success of the defense. You can read about this in the following report.

The event ends when?

The wave 20 is the final. After this Guardian raid, they will stop the attacks on you. But the event can end earlier for some players. As soon as someone has not been able to defend his castle twice, i.e. less than 50% of the attackers have been repelled, this player is no longer directly attacked. However, he has not yet left the event. On the contrary. He can use his troops to reinforce other Alliance members who are still exposed to the wrath of the Red Guardians.

Tips from our side:

  • Discuss internally when you want to start the event.
  • Keep each other informed about the course of the event so that you can keep the chat free of unnecessary questions.
  • Play actively. Protect each other, even at the beginning. Points are important for your rewards.
  • Motivate players who have been eliminated to send their troops to other players to reinforce them.