Sign up and cash in 500 Amazon Coins is growing and growing and we are doing everything we can to make more and more players feel at home with us and to exchange ideas and get tips.

That's why we're rewarding new players who join our community with Amazon Coins.

What exactly you need to do for 500 Amazon Coins you will find out now.

Register for free on, here on this page. Please enter the email address of your Amazon account during your registration - NOT your password.

The email address is needed so that players can not log in multiple times and tap the 500 coins several times, which is very unfair to other players. After your registration you have to open your email-box and click the link in the email sent by us. This will confirm your account here.

That would be the first part done, Now comes the second and last part of your task.

When new players sign up, they should also introduce themselves here so that the community can learn about the player.

It is not so much about personal data, but more about the game data.

Create a new topic, tell your name and how old you are. Then you could tell the community how you came to Guns of Glory, which kingdom you play in which alliance and how long you've been a Guns of Glory player. Everything else is bonus :)
Please do not publish address data.

And that was it.

If you've done these two steps, you can look forward to over 500 Amazon Coins.

A coupon code will be sent to you within 12 hours as a message here in the game. Click on the link, login to your Amazon account and unlock the code.

Important NOTE

This action runs only while supplies last. We have a total of 50 x 500 Amazon Coins to give away!

However, we try to repeat the action regularly. So do not be sad.

The promotion is not supported by FUNPLUS or the KINGS GROUP.

We thank Amazon for helping with this promotion.

The action starts immediately and ends with the assignment of the last code.