Update 3.1

Changelog 3.1

On May 22, 2019, FUNPLUS released the new update to Guns of Glory.

With this update, of course, you have fixed the annoying error in the chat window, which was probably seen with many players as extremely annoying. On Discord and Facebook, there was no other topic that was mentioned more frequently between the two updates 3.0 and 3.1.

But what else was there?

There is a revision of the Scout Report. From now on the values of the curiosities of the opponent are displayed. This will allow you to learn a little more, but in the end it will only give the tacticians many calculations. Well, at least that's what the system message says. However, I spied several different opponents and could not find any relevance to the curiosities. Funny. Did you notice anything else? Please share your reports in the comments.

In addition, there are a few changes in the Alliance strategies.

The doom cannon calculates the damage based on the launching time. However, if the targeted lock moves in or out of range during preparation, the effects may change. Probably to the advantage of the opponent.

Teleport Freeze has also received an update. During the invasion of the crown (short: KvK) the strategy can be used well known. From now on, however, the effect will only continue in the kingdom where the strategy was used. In his native kingdom, the effect is no longer active. If he returns the opposing kingdom, the effect is active again until the end is reached. Practically.

Now for the highlight - the new war strategies.

The castle now contains the item 'Library of War' in the Hall of War. Here you can develop new war strategies for your troops to make them stronger. For each strategy you need so-called War Handbooks. These can be developed against ever-increasing amounts of resources. You also need War Documents, which you can get through events and of course in the store.


In addition to the important bug fix in the chat window, there is also something more, where the players can bite their numbers or empty their wallets.

Currently I have arrived at 5 or 6 strategies. You already notice the difference to before ;)