Kingdom Arms Race

This event is a real highlight for many peaceful players. Complete quests and earn points for yourself, your alliance, and your kingdom. There are various options that we will be happy to explain to you here. The rewards are not small either.

The event can be reached via the event center and is at the top.

How is the event structured?

If you have clicked on the kingdom Arms Race in event center, you will see a nice overview of all important data and possibilities.

On the left side are your points and those of your alliance and your kingdom. This is the current quest with the progress and the expected rewards to see above your points.

At the top left you will find the progress of your quest line today. Every day you can only complete 5 quests or buy more quest attempts.

In the right part of the overview you will find numerous quests. The quest, which is marked with a golden border, you can accept. To pick another quest you just have to click on the quest you want to get the golden frame and then accept it.

In the upper area of the right side you will find the difficulty. 1 star means that you can easily complete these quests, but only get a low reward and score.

5 stars is the highest difficulty. For example, you have to trade 100 times at the Market Stall here. But you get great rewards and many points.

Decide what you can. It does not do you any good to accept a quest that you can not complete in the time.

Over the difficulty you can follow the progress of the Kingdom Quest. If the bar is completely filled, you can activate a bonus quest. However, it is a condition that only kings and queens and their court can use this bonus quest. That's a pity. But one for all, all for one! If there is no king or queen, the Alliance Leader and the R4 of the Kingdom's most powerful alliance can activate the bonus quest.

Which Quests are there?

So that the event does not become too monotonous, the developers have devised various quests that players can complete.

Here is a list:

  • Gather Ressources
    It does not matter where and what resource you collect in the kingdom
  • Gather Food
    You have to collect food in this quest
  • Gather Iron
    You have to collect iron in this quest
  • Gather Silver
    You have to collect silver in this quest
  • Research Technologies
    Complete research at the Academy
  • Increase Research Power
    Complete research at the Academy to increase your research strength
  • Increase Building Power
    Complete upgrades in your castle to increase your building strength
  • Increase Troop Power
    Recruit troops to increase your troop strength
  • Hunting Monsters
    Kill beasts and use your stamina to complete the quest
  • Attacking Red Guard Camps
    Attack with your Alliance Red Guards to complete the quest
  • Donate Aristocrat Badges
    The badges are very valuable. Donate them to complete the quest
  • Donate to Alliance
    What you do anyway (hopefully) every day. Donate resources to your alliance
  • Donate Glory Banner
    Here you must sacrifice glory banner to complete the quest
  • Donate Food to the Kingdom
    Enough food in stock? That's what you need to do this quest
  • Donate Wood to the Kingdom
    Enough wood in stock? That's what you need to do this quest
  • Donate Iron to the Kingdom
    Enough iron in stock? That's what you need to do this quest
  • Donate Silver to the Kingdom
    Enough silver in stock? That's what you need to do this quest
  • Help Alliance members
    Help your alliance members with timers
  • Spend Alliance Honor in Alliance Store
    Buy with alliance honor in the Allianz Shop
  • Exchange in Market Stall
    Exchange resources or gold at the market stall
  • Raised Bounties
    Start a bounty and diligently spend hero coins
  • Take a boost
    So far unknown

What rewards are there?

Good question, here are the answers.

There are individual rewards and boosts for the kingdom.

Let's start with the kingdom.

Should your kingdom end up in the top 7 places, then there will be thrusts for the whole kingdom.

But that's not enough.

If you earn many points yourself by completing numerous quests, then you will also have the individual rewards available to you. However, the amount depends on the placement of your kingdom.

Here is a list of which points have some rewards:

It's worth it, as you can see.

Airship and gem items in harsh quantities. The further you bring it, the greater the reward.

Help your kingdom complete quests. Pulls together.


Here is a short list of frequently asked questions about the event

  • How can you donate resources / glory banner etc to the kingdom?
    If you have the necessary resources, glory banners etc., just click on this button in the event