Amazon Prime Day

On July 15, this year's Amazon Prime Day launches. There are great offers waiting for you where you can save money (if you spend money).

In the game today came the information as a system message to the offer.

The package is intended for Amazon Prime users, who of course have also installed the Amazon version of Guns of Glory.

There will be a special offer in the game for 19.99 EUR, which will cost only 9.99 EUR. Of course, already know the player with the Amazon version, that this is not to 9.99 EUR, but to 8.89 EUR;)

How often this package can be bought is still unclear. Attack in any case! Prime Day is only once a year!

But that's not all :)

To the Amazon offer

*If the page is currently empty, then check it out tomorrow, when Prime Day has started.

Behind the button hides the complete offer of the Amazon Prime Day. In addition to the offer already mentioned in the game, there will also be a discount on Amazon Coins. Especially the purchase of 5000 Amazon Coins will be on sale for only 40 EUR. So you save 10 EUR at the regular price.

Buy Coins

Amazon Prime Day 2019