Update 3.7.0

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On August 14th, 2019, FUNPLUS released the new update to Guns of Glory.

With this update, GoG prepares us for his 2nd Anniversary and released a lot of new Events.

Let's take a look at the events:

  • 344-unbenannt-pngFestival Fever:
    During the Festival Fever you can exchange rewards for collected Festival Hats and Glow Sticks
    The Festival Hats can be earned through Beast Hunt, attacks on Red Guards and gathering resources inside and outside the castle.
    The Glow Sticks can only be received through purchasing bundles with real money
    Festival Hats can be only exchanged for rewards in the Benefit Shop, while the Glow Sticks can be only exchanged in the Luxury Shop.
  • Daisy's Anniversary Cake:
    Daisy, the little girl in the back garden, wants to bake a cake for Guns of Glory 2nd birthday.
    The ingredients she needs, can be collected through resource gathering (both inside and outside the castle), hunting beasts and attacks on Red Guards.
    The collected ingredients can be exchanged for rewards.
  • Glory Light (This event will start on 15.08.2019):
    During the event, you can complete daily quests, as well as sending gifts to your companion to receive Blessing attempts.
    If the blessings have reached a certain amount, a chest with various rewards will appear.
    To participate, you have to talk to Daisy or click on the icon at the top.
    However, it should be noted that Guns of Glory requires personal information to participate in the event.How the needed informations looks like, is unknown.
  • Picture Event (This event will start on 15.08.2019):
    At the Picture Event you can upload pictures, which shows you or others how you play Guns of Glory. You can also imitate a Guns of Glory character or upload a self-drawn picture.
    Each participant receives New Orange Guard Fragments and Large Guard EXP.
    The best 300 with the most likes will be rewarded with better rewards and an additional 1000 Gold.
    For more information, check out the event rules in the News Center.
  • Anniversary Countdown (This event will start on 15.08.2019):
    During the event, you can sign-in to receive rewards. Don't forget to do it daily, because at the end you will receive a new orange Guard. If you miss the sign-in the first time, you can re-log to find the sign-in again.
  • Extra rewards for New World:
    Participants, who getting placed in the top 100, receive a new frame.
    What the additional stats looks like, is still a mystery.

In the further update, we can expect many more small events for the 2nd anniversary of Guns of Glory. Also we can look forward to get a new guard soon. So stay tuned.