Update 3.8.0

What´s New?

  • Anniversary Hunt: Defeat the Vampire Duke and the Vampire Duchess to receive great rewards. (As long as the Anniversary Event is running)
  • Sign-In 7 days in a row to receive a Legendary Guard. (As long as the Anniversary Event is running)
  • Anniversary Pirate´s Path: Take part in the Pirate´s Path and receive a lot of great rewards.
  • Receive double rewards, while collecting resources and hunting beasts.
  • New Loading Screen.
  • New portraits, accolades and castle skin.
  • New Light Gemstone is available!
  • New paths 19+20 added to the Gemstone Expeditions.
  • Extra builder permanently unlocked by purchasing a package.

What has been optimized?

  • The design of the game has been optimized.
  • The design of the Daily Shipment has been optimized. (Looks fancy now)
  • Changed the rewards of Musketeer´s Fort, the New World, the Night Siege and the Kingdom Arms Race.


  • The new Light Gemstones are the highlight of the update. However wait with the buying of gemstone, because later you will get them cheapier or for free. For those who can´t wait to buy the new gemstones, there are the packages in the shop for 4.99 euros.