Update 3.9.0

What's New?

  • New item: Recruitment, which makes it easier to train troops. It means you can now train 5000 or 20000 units at once. Keep in mind, that an higher amount of troop training means more resources and time.
  • War Aid Center: From now on, the daily offer and the sale products are summarized under the point "War Aid Center". GoG introduced it to reduce the amount of icons on the screen.
  • WWE Event: During the week there will be a WWE Event, that will enrich us with rewards.

What has been optimized?

  • The time of the Wolf Lord Event has been adjusted.
  • The spirit mine have been changed. Now you can collect 6:30 hours instead of the usual 10 hours. (The collection rate is the same)
  • The rewards of the gold event and some other events have been adjusted.


  • With the new update you can now train troops faster. The new collection time in the spirit mine are for the most players a thorn in the flesh. However, the new WWE event promises great rewards.