The Gems can be found in the same building as the armour, the Forge.

These have different benefits and can be placed in the armor.

Some gems are for resource reduction at research and others for combat.

Currently there are 8 different gemstone types classified into 7 grades.

The first grade is double, as one of them contains the scholarly gems, which are used for research.

You can find a small overview in the gemstone showcase:

In each grade there are 4 different types, except in grade 1, New Recruit.

Each type has a certain ability:

Attack, Defense, and Health, as well as the Troop Skills.

The rarest and most expensive of each grade are the square type stones, which contain the troop abilities. Only two of these stones can be embedded in the armour at the same time.

Of the Attack Stones, you can embed four and of the other two, six gems each can be embedded.

A total of three stones can be embedded in each part of the armour, for a total of 18 gems.

To build the gemstones you need the corresponding scrolls and a small amount of gemstone essence.

Gem essence is needed to upgrade gemstones.

For higher grades, i.e. grade 6 and higher, the Sun Heart is needed in addition to the gem essence.

Gemstones that are no longer needed can be easily dismantled to get the used materials back.

Below is a ranked list of all the gems:

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