New Guardian Benefit

Since the last update you can carry 2 guards in one march. The guardians have different benefits and must be chosen wisely to get the best performance for your march. If you want to collect iron, Ines Suarez at maximum level is best in combination with Voltaire. This will give you a 120% higher gathering speed. However, if you're going into battle, you'll need closer attention and choose.

Note: Individual Guardian benefits are activated after x rounds. The combat system is turn-based, which we do not see directly. So if you attack a player, x rounds can be calculated during the attack. Based on these rounds, the Guardian benefit is then activated. provides you with this list, which you can download and use on your smartphone, tablet or PC. This is an overview of all guards, divided into colors and benefits.

Green refers to collecting, red to fighting and orange for beasts. Only General Dumas currently has an ability to gain more experience points for Guardians and skills.

So that you can read it here as well in tabular form:


Orange fight Cavalry Defense 10-40%
Lady Silver fight Distance Health 10-40%
Madame Brutal fight Cavalry Health 10-40%
Lord Winter fight March Capacity 500-1500
Chevreuse gather Gathering Speed 10-30% / Food
Seguier gather Gathering Speed 10-30% / Wood
John Felton gather Gathering Speed 10-30% / Iron
Blaise Pascal gather Carrying Capacity 10-30%


Bernajoux fight Infantry Attack 20-80%
Brisemont fight Distance Attack 10-50%
Turenne fight Infantry Defense 10-50%
Lille fight Infantry Health 10-50%
Lannoy fight
March Capacity 1000-2500
Thomas Hobbes gather Gathering Speed 15-45% / Food
Wardes gather Gathering Speed 15-45% / Wood
Van der Beek gather Gathering Speed 15-45% / Iron
Mousqueton gather Gathering Speed 15-45% / Silver


Planchet gather Gathering Speed 20-60% / Silver
Blanchet fight Infantry Defense 60-160%
Benoit fight every 5 attacks x-380% Army Damage
Buckingham fight every 10 attacks x-780% Army Damage
Jules Mazarin fight March Capacity 1500-3500
Voltaire gather Gathering Speed 20-60% / Iron
Elena fight Cavalry Attack 20-80%
Oliver Cromwell fight March Capacity 2000-5000
Thomas Blood fight Infantry Attack 100-300%
Kitty fight Infantry Health 60-160%
Gustavus fight Distance Health 40-120%
Jussac fight Distance Health 40-120%
Colonel Essarts fight Infantry Defense 20-80%
Constance gather Gathering Speed 20-60% / Food
Galileo Galilei gather Gathering Speed 20-60% / Wood
General Dumas beast Chance to receive double Guard & Skill EXP 20-70%
Dominique fight Infantry Attack 80-230%
Kapitän Treville fight Distance Attack 20-80%
Toyotomi Hideyoshi fight Distance Defense up to 140%
René Descartes gather Carrying Capacity up to 50%
Hua Mulan
fight Cavalry Defense up to 140%
Yi Sun-sin
fight Distance Health up to 120%


Ines Suares gather Gathering Speed 10-60% / All Resources
D'Artagnan fight every 10 attacks Army Damage up to 950%
Anne fight Infantry Defense 40-120%
Prinz Arabah fight 2-6% chance for ranged troops to attack twice
Lucien Grimaud fight 2-6% chance for cavalry troops to attack twice
Maupin fight Army Damage 15-90%
Gaston fight Cavalry Attack up to 120%
Lord des Karibus fight (Frostmagic)Army Damage up to 99%
Henry II gather Carrying Capacity up to 70%