connection issues
connection issues

Who does not know it? They look forward to an event and prepare themselves. You're right in the middle of it all - lost connection and you do not get involved anymore.

This problem again had many players this weekend. In the Facebook groups to Guns of Glory, the contributions to the problems found no end. Many have lost troops and more could not attend the event at all.

But not only this Saturday, the problem has occurred. Already in the past it came again and again to these game disturbances. Always, however, during KvK and the Ultimate Alliance Campaign. In my opinion, this is due to the special nature of these events. There are only events in the game where you can compete against other kingdoms. Here is the interest of the players very high and therefore the activity. Every Saturday, therefore, on average, many more players are online and bring the servers of Guns of Glory to their knees. We can only hope that improvement will be felt here. Presumably, there will even be a minimum compensation. The fun, however, suffers considerably.

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Connection issues