Update 2.9

New Alliance Fortress Skin
New Alliance Fortress Skin

Anyone who got up early this morning and wanted to start the game was in front of a locked door. Between 5 and 6:30 clock german time (UTC+2) maintenance has been made in order to release the update then. We introduce you to the changes and what else has happened to the game.

Innovations 2.9 Innovations

The most obvious innovation is the new design of the alliance fortress. The skin can be rewarded during the Ultimate Alliance Campaign. Then it can be selected via 'Alliance -> Manage -> Alliance Fortress Skin'. And now your fortress shines in new splendor on the map of the kingdom. The Alliance Administration option will not be visible until you win the skin. There's only available for R5.

The new coat of arms interface is strongly reminiscent of the new interface in the gemstones. It also takes some getting used to, but you have a clear surface to improve the coats of arms now.

The royal expeditions now have the 17th and 18th paths. However, there is NOT for the research expedition on Thursday. Here it stays at 14 paths.

Nothing can be said about the News system, as it is not yet available in my kingdom. It should, however, according to official Youtube Video include the last major announcements, including events.

The new overview feature has now been added to the game in addition to the helper. With a click on the left side of the display below the second construction worker, a sidebar opens. Here you have an overview of current construction contracts, ongoing recruiting in your barracks, as well as your marches and more. In the game, you'll be reminded of things like your tribute, which you can pick up regularly at the bridge in your castle.

Last but not least: The new loading screen. Always a visual enrichment :)

Optimizations and tips 2.9 Optimizations and tips

Let's get to the optimizations.

With the weekly challenges of the Alliance (Alliance Celebration), it is now possible to get up to 72 aristocrat badges. Interesting for players, who have already reached the castle level 30 and are dependent on the badges for further expansion.

The rewards for the gold event have been adjusted to the new features from past updates and balance changes. In addition, the interface got a new coat of paint in the event center.

The weight of crafting material has now been increased to 7875 per item. In addition, the material is now also added as a reward in the New World and the creation arena. More opportunities to get the coveted stuff.

The equipment rewards in various events have been changed to airship boosts. These include the events 'New World', 'Ultimate Alliance Campaign', 'Night Siege' and the 'Fortress of the Musketeer.'

Rewards were also changed in the Summon of Guardians.

Then there was an optimization of the creation equipment interface and in the heroes shop, there are finally animal hide, coal, ebony and beast fang to exchange.

Unfortunately, anyone who has not yet completely won the curiosity rewards in the shooting gallery must start all over again. By changing the rewards, the progress has been reset.

The next day, a new round starts in the Fortress of the Musketeer. The past season was completed with the update.


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