Guns of Glory now in the Amazon Appstore

Guns of Glory on Amazon
Guns of Glory on Amazon

Guns of Glory is one of the most successful gaming apps not only on Google or Apple. At Amazon, the game will now probably go this way since mid-April.

And a change to the Amazon version is highly recommended from our point of view! However, it is currently only available for Android devices.

Cheap Packages Cheap Packages

If you want to install the Amazon app on your smartphone, you must first delete the old app from the device.

Please be sure to connect your account to either Facebook or Google or Apple first, so your score will not be lost.

Then you open your Amazon app and log in there. Look for 'Guns of Glory' and you will be able to find, download and install the game directly.

Guns of Glory is currently running at Amazon under the version 2.9.2A (The A probably stands for Amazon)

When the game starts for the first time, please do not be surprised that you have to complete the game board again until the tutorial is over.

Then you can reconnect with your score via the account management and continue playing.

The biggest achievement, if you have switched, are the cheaper prices in the store. As seen in the picture above, a regular package for 99.99 EUR on Amazon only costs 88.93 EUR. The saving is just under 11 EUR. But that's not all. It gets better.

Payment is made via Amazon with the so-called 'Amazon Coins'. Assuming the price of 88.93 EUR, then you need 8893 coins.

If you buy, for example, 10000 coins, these cost no 100 EUR, but only 82 EUR.

A coin costs 0,82 EUR.

So, if you now need 8893 coins to buy the package, then these coins cost only 72.92 EUR.

Fierce? In any case.Instead of 99.99 EUR you pay about the Amazon app only about 73 EUR. That is a saving of 27 EUR !!!

You want to buy coins? Support by charging your coins via the following link. You do not pay anything extra!

Buy coins at Amazon Buy coins at Amazon

So if you want to invest money in Guns of Glory, you can save a lot of money with the Amazon version and gain advantages over players with the regular app.

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