Play Guns of Glory with BlueStacks on your PC


Are you tired of breaking your eyes during events or big battles?

Or simply put, you are looking for a way to play Guns of Glory on the PC?

BlueStacks offers a way to make this easy.

The free program is a so-called emulator. It simulates an Android environment on Windows or Linux PCs to not only use Google Apps on smartphones and tablets.

BlueStacks allows you to use all apps for Android from the Google Play Store. The whole thing works of course for iPhone users or those who have no smartphone. In these cases, all you need is a Google Account that you can create for free through

Install Guide for BlueStacks & Guns of Glory

The installation is like any other program too. You download something, click on the file, click through the installation process and in the end everything is tutti. This is also the case with BlueStacks.

In order to get the said file in the first place, you have to visit You come directly to the home page, where you already smiles at the download.

Click on "Download BlueStacks" to download the file. If your browser asks you if you want to keep the file 'Keep' or 'Discard', please click 'Keep' as a precaution.

Starts / Opens the file after the successful download. BlueStacks automatically downloads all components for installation.

Install BlueStacks

If you click on 'Install Now', BlueStacks will perform a standard installation. Do you want to change the installation path, then make the detour via 'Customize installation'.

If you have done either one, the system requirements are checked with your system and the installation takes its course.

If the installation hapers, try deactivating your virus scanner temporarily.

If everything worked, you can start the emulator directly. Here we go!

The start depending on the computing power (processor, memory) 1-3 minutes. Then you will find yourself on an Android interface again. You can use BlueStacks like a smartphone or tablet. When it's ready, you'll be asked to sign in to Google Play. You should do that too.

If you do not have a Google Account, you can do it during the installation and launch of BlueStacks. Thus, the small waiting time is used meaningfully.

BlueStacks Google Play

Signed in to Google? Top!

Now it can start.

Now click on the Google Play Store.

You're automatically signed in with the Google account you deposited on the first launch.

If you should have skipped the step, then it would be time to catch up.

In the Google Play Store you are now looking for 'Guns of Glory'.

Found? Great!

Click on 'Install' to download and install the app in BlueStacks.

The game then appears on the home screen and can be easily started after installation.

Who now thinks that this has already been everything, that is completely correct.

More work is not necessary. Only 10 minutes, including waiting time, were needed to get Guns of Glory running on the PC. It is really nice not to look at the battery and enjoy the game in the chair or on the couch.

If you have questions, just write in the comments. We try to help you if you have problems with BlueStacks. However, technical issues are ideally better served by support from BlueStacks itself.

System Requirements

In order to be able to use BlueStacks, the developers have written out the following prerequisites, which you should take note of.

Minimal system requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
  • Intel or AMD Processor
  • min. 2 GB RAM
  • Disk Space: min. 5 GB
  • Administrator Rights
    If you do not use administrator rights on your PC, ask the administrator. Mostly these are the parents :)
  • Latest graphics card drivers from your graphics card manufacturer.

Recommended system requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Intel or AMD Multi-Core-Processor with Single Thread "PassMark Score" of more than 1,000 points and with BIOS-enabled virtualization show help. Follow this Link, to find out the Single Threat "PassMark Score" of your processor.
  • Graphic card: Intel/Nvidia/ATI, OnBoard GPU or dedicated card, with "PassMark Score" of more than 750 points. Follow this Link, to find out the "PassMark Score" of your GPU.
  • min. 8 GB RAM
  • Disc space: min 5 GB SSD