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    Hey Community,

    In Guns of Glory is currently a coupon circulating. With the coupon code 2019HAPPY you get a few extra items and some gold for free.

    Gift Codes can be redeemed in the settings of your game account.

    Note February 2th 2019

    The code is valid until February 11 2019.

    Have fun.

    Hey Community,

    At Guns of Glory DE there is now a user level system. Depending on the activity on our platform, you'll be climbing more, sometimes less quickly.

    Players with a higher user level should be rewarded for their activity. In addition, players with a higher level are more likely to feel called mentors for new players or even moderators in our community.

    Which level you have you can see in each case at your written contributions in the forum left in the sidebar (with your avatar).

    Since January 9, 2019, there is a new update.

    First of all, some players will not be happy.

    What's new?

    • The New World! The treasures of an unexplored land are waiting! (Event)
    • Catacombs 2.0! Now with brand new story and gameplay! (Need for discussion)
    • All Kingdoms Quests - Catacombs Discovery Missions!
    • Helper function online!
    • New holiday events!
    • The kingdom defense is back.


    • Improved path of growth.
    • Improved airship parts user experience.
    • Some bundles have been adjusted and added.
    • Airship Rewards and Equipment Types in the Shooting Gallery have been adjusted. (For players who have not completed both rewards, the progress has been reset)

    The New World is an event that only starts a few days after the update. What it's all about is not yet known. However, we will publish a corresponding article in a timely manner.

    The catacombs have been almost completely reworked. The creation research has been changed to more than 50% and of course already developed research is lost. Although a small compensation was paid by GoG in the form of resources and some other items, but this is not the player just mild.

    There is, however, a new research that has to do with the creature endurance, which is now also seen under the lord image on your standard image of the game as a bar.

    The catacombs are structured differently. No basements, as usual, but differently designed scenarios. Now you have to complete a series of "catacombs" in order to complete a scenario and to be able to receive the chest at the end. Currently there are 8 scenarios.

    What annoys most players, however, is that the Catacombs dealer can no longer trade important items for the creature's equipment for coins. These are only possible by the completion of catacombs or just for real money. It remains exciting.

    A new helper function has been integrated. Above the chat window, there is now a lady who reminds you daily of things. Free rotation on the astrologer's wheel, alliance donations, etc. Helpful for new players.

    The kingdom defense has begun. Fight agains Red Guards and Beasts to get rewards as kingdom for each player.

    The path of growth has been expanded. Before that, always say only up to a certain level of lock the new features that come along. Now there are rewards for reaching the castle levels in between.

    The airship was changed a bit. The airship parts were expanded.

    And finally: The shop has been expanded and packages have been adapted to the update.

    Any questions? :)

    Hello Lords and Ladies,

    We offer you and your alliance the possibility to use a seperate area in our community.

    All you have to do is follow the instructions in the section.

    • Own ouser group for your alliance from your kingdom
      Example: K123 KOR
      Group leader becomes the member who has applied for the area.
    • The area is only visible to you. Nothing else in our community can see it.
    • Alliance members must apply to the group leader to join the group and see the alliance area
    • If the area is left empty for 14 days, it will be deleted and a new area must be requested.

    Alliance areas offer the opportunity to organize you better

    >> Here's alliance area: Alliance Area

    Discussion of article New Year Event:

    When killing beasts or rallye against Red Guard camps, New Year's card fragments can be found. Collect enough and get a card that will lead your troops to a buried New Year's treasure. which brings in the new year with great rewards for you.

    Discussion of article Increase Marching Capacity:

    This article will explain you how to increase your marching capacity in the game. This is the absolute and percentage increase.
    We will show you all the possibilities, explain each area. For certain areas, you need prerequisites that you can gain in the game, others you can buy for real money.

    Discussion of article Alliance Donations:

    Alliance donations are an important part of an alliance. Through research, which is triggered by donations, the Alliance will get stronger, more buildings can be unlocked and the Alliance even gets honor to offer players items in the Alliance Shop.


    Wir hatten jetzt den Fall in k279, dass wir aus k101 einen richtigen Brocken zum KvK bekommen hatten. Unser stärkster Spiele hatte 160M Stärke, ein Spieler aus 101 mit seinem c40 hatte 560M.

    Wie soll man sowas wirklich schaffen? Selbst mit allen türmen wird man dem nicht bei kommen im Palast. :/