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Jetzt der Tomvapor Community anschließen und über Guns of Glory, King of Avalon und andere Spiele aktiv mitdiskutieren. Fragen können dort gestellt und Meinungen ausgetauscht werden!

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Guns of Glory is a strategy game for Android and iOS. Take the lead of a castle, build it and defend yourself against other lords. Recruit new soldiers, find new fighting techniques in the academy and fight back. Attend regular events and receive attractive rewards that will bring you and your castle forward. Join an alliance and fight side by side with your alliance for the throne in your kingdom.

And Now? Interest aroused? Download the free app now. Note: Guns of Glory offers paid in-app purchases.

For Android, we recommend the app from the Amazon Appstore.

In the game, you are a lord and responsible for your castle. After the first start of the game you will get to know the most important functions and processes in the game through a small tutorial. Build farms for your resources, barracks & more to recruit your troops. Keep building your castle to get raw materials and troops faster.

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